Grameen's Gifts that Keep on Giving!

Grameen’s Gifts that Keep on Giving provide loans to women on low incomes to start or grow their small business.

Our loans support migrant and refugee women to start their small business journey. Women entrepreneurs often just need a little capital and support to help them reach their goals.

Donations are tax deductible and will make an enormous difference to a woman experiencing unemployment, financial exclusion and poverty.

Your gift of a loan will be recycled every six months when the loan is repaid. Grameen Australia will put your loan donation toward the small businesses that need it most.


Please select a donation amount

A $1,500 loan helps a woman start a homemade candle business.


A $2,000 loan buys chocolate-making equipment, ingredients, and packaging supplies for a woman starting a small chocolate business.


A $3,000 loan buys an oven and baking equipment for a woman starting a cake business.


A $3,500 loan supports the manufacturing, branding, and importing costs of a woman introducing a new product for her business.


A $4,000 loan buys a greenhouse and equipment for a woman starting a plant sales business.


A $4,500 loan buys an industrial sewing machine for a woman starting an alterations business.

Even a small amount, can make a big difference

A Christmas thank you card

From us to you!

Each of our donors will receive a digital Christmas thank you card to show how much we appreciate their support. This card can be shared with friends and family this year.