Donate today to help give a woman on a low income the opportunity to realise her dreams by starting or expanding her small business.

Grameen Australia has introduced the highly successful Grameen model of microfinance to Australia. The program provides access to small loans, peer learning, and support to women entrepreneurs living on a low income to start or expand their small businesses.

The COVID19 pandemic had a disproportionate impact on women and has the potential to compound women’s lifetime economic disadvantage. According to the Grattan Institute, Australian women copped a triple-whammy during the pandemic:

1. They lost more jobs than men – almost 8% at the peak of the crisis, compared to 4% for men; and

2. They shouldered more of the increase in unpaid work – including supervising children learning remotely – taking on an extra hour each day more than men, on top of their existing heavier load; and

3. They were less likely to get government support – JobKeeper excluded short-term casuals, who in the hardest-hit industries are mostly women.

The devastating consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have made even more urgent the need to expand Grameen’s concept of social business in Australia, to empower women to create opportunities for themselves, and to supplement welfare and philanthropy as a way out of poverty and disadvantage.

Now more than ever, your support will significantly impact our members’ livelihoods boosting women-led small businesses across Australia.