It’s a little gatehouse at the entrance to an office car park in Broadmeadows. The vibe is Paris Garden with small bistro tables for two outside, green vines climbing along the windowsills, and chalkboards with daily specials proudly on display.

Misha’s Café is a dream come true for mum of three, Michline. After escaping the war in Syria, the family worked hard to build a better future with more financial security.

“The children saw bombings in Syria. It was so hard for work, so hard for life. We wanted a better life for our children. In Australia, if you work hard, you can have a better life,” says Michline.

“When we came to Australia, I worked in childcare and then was an Uber driver. So I really like talking to people,” she says.

Michline imagined that her dream to open a café would take 10-15 years, but with the support of a Grameen Today loan it happened very quickly.

“I’ve always wanted to start my own business. My friends supported me and pushed me to open my business. It was my dream,” she says.

After hearing about Grameen through a Facebook post, Michline joined one of the first groups of women on the program. She attended weekly meetings and improved her knowledge about running a small business in Australia.

“We discussed what was needed to open a business. Women shared their ideas and we got help with paperwork and information,” says Michline.

Her Grameen Today loan application was successful and helped to pay for the costs of setting up her café including fridges, stock and equipment. She says word of mouth got around quickly.

“We distributed flyers to the local businesses. Everyone was very happy to see us,” she says.

Michline’s passion is making coffee. She loves the texture and the creamy taste of a good brew. She loves how it helps the office workers to get their day started. She loves how a cup of coffee can make a customer’s day a little bit brighter.

Her customers also enjoy a wide range of pastries, salads, sweets, sandwiches, juices and other drinks.

“I hope to have a bigger café one day. This is just the start,” she says.

Michline says women can do anything they put their minds to, if they have a little help from family, friends and Grameen!

Misha’s Café is located at 61 Riggall St, Broadmeadows. You can follow Misha’s café on Instagram and Facebook @Mishascafe1.